Breastfeeding Counselling London

Despite that fact that breastfeeding should be the most natural and instinctive after birth care, most women struggle with the pain it can cause and all the questions it can raise.

The ability to be supported and be able to address all the questions on early stages after the birth impact significantly the success of breastfeeding and his length. 

A Cochrane Database review of 52 studies of 56,451 mother-infant pairs supports this claim. Results of the review show that all forms of extra support showed an increase in the length of time women continued to breastfeed and the length of time women breastfed without introducing any other types of liquids or foods.

During a face to face consultation, you will receive strong support, lots of advice and be able to express all your concerns.

Sessions we offer:

  • Breastfeeding Preparation (90 mins) – £80
  • Breastfeeding Support (30 mins) – £60


Our practitioners


Julie Morris

Breastfeeding Counsellor & Antenatal Specialist
She speaks English

She is recognised by most insurances. Check your policy.

Julie is available for appointments on Mondays between 2pm – 4pm