New: Japanese Facial Massage – Kobido

The Kobido massage: a good alternative to aesthetic surgery!

The KOBIDO massage is an ancient facial method that was used by women in Asia (Japan, Korea and China).This whole technique came back in style with the various methods, facial Yoga, facial gymnastics… but all with the same goal as a massage for any part of the body. It aims to help you regain tonicity, rebuild the contour of the face, lift the features up and push back or completely avoid aesthetic surgery.

KOBIDO is a deep manual massage, working on the 50 facial muscles and on all the layers of the tissues: While working on the facial muscles, we stimulate the fibroblasts, responsible for producing the cell collagen, drain excess fluid to flush out toxins and rejuvenate the skin as we reactivate blood flow, bringing nutrients to the tissues. We can complete the massage with acupressure points that help with relaxing the entire face and body. 
The added benefit of this Japanese massage technique is that you will rapidly notice changes if done on a regular basis.

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