Cindy Garcia


Cindy is a Spanish physiotherapist. During her many years of experience, she’s had
the opportunity to attend the best trainings alongside Senior physiotherapists. Cindy is
an accomplished professional, highly qualified in physiotherapy for people of all
ages: from children, women and adults to older people. She is able to treat a wide
range of conditions in MSK, Orthopaedics, Sports physiotherapy, Pregnancy care and
Neuro physiotherapy.
Cindy is used to work with various types of patients, whether it is for musculoskeletal
pain and rehabilitation (back, neck, shoulder pain), sports injury and post surgery
rehabilitation, treatments for back pain during pregnancy, lymphatic drainage, stroke
rehabilitation and fall prevention in elderly or physiotherapy care for neurological
Cindy is an enthusiastic and friendly physiotherapist, passionate in helping people get
back into a better quality of life by treating each patient in their globality. Alongside
her physiotherapy skills, she also offers personal training and Pilates courses.
Cindy speaks English and Spanish.
Cindy puts her experience and knowledge at the service of Baby Physio, Mummy’s
Physio and London Home Visit Physiotherapy.

To book an appointment with Cindy at Make Me Feel or if you have any questions call on 0207 125 0262


General Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal

Women’s Health physiotherapy

Children Physiotherapy


“Cindy has been very effective in helping me recover from my knee injury. I am back
into sports now and she also carries on making sure I don’t injure myself again by
helping me with my training. Super happy with her.”

“My dad has a stroke last year and he started seeing Cindy after he lost mobility on
his left side, and pretty much all his confidence. She has proven her efficiency by how
patient she was, helping him step by step recover strength and mobility. We are both
very pleased with her professionalism!”