Angela Cimpan 

Bowen Technique Practitioner 

Angela is a qualified Bowen technique practitioner and member of The Bowen Association UK. Being a sociable and empathetic person she always wanted to help people.

Every body is unique and through her experience she has observed the amazing ability of our body to heal itself. Bowen technique is a very gentle, deeply relaxing and non-invasive therapy which comprises sequences of precise rolling moves on the body.

It is neither massage nor manipulation.

It can be done on bare skin or through light clothing.

The gentle moves stimulate energy flow allowing the body to re-set itself holistically.

Results can be remarkable, even from the first session, often only a few session are needed to address the presenting problem.

There are frequent but very essential pauses throughout the session when the practitioner will leave the room or distance him or herself from the client so that the body is left in peace to respond and start the healing process.

Some of the conditions that often respond favourably to Bowen treatment are: back pain, back pain in pregnancy and sciatica, kidney and urinal problems, digestive and bowel problems, coccyx injuries, migraines and other forms of a headache, neck and shoulder problems, knee ,ankle or foot problems, asthma, respiratory problems and hay fever and more.

Angela gives consultations on Wednesdays and Thursdays morning and Fridays afternoon or upon request. To book with her, simply call us on: 0208675 1207 or book online.