Manuela Thine

Manuela has been working as a massage therapist for the past 12 years and she also trained to be a nutritionist.

She believes that combining the two, was an interesting synergy to help a person concerned about weight problems, unhealthy diet, chronic diseases, or nutritional dysfunctions. She believes that it is the best option to get rid of those problems in the long term and to avoid catching back the lost weight.

She followed training courses to coaching women and men to respond to particular problems for menopause, NASH (fatty liver), diseases generated by unhealthy food – diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol…

She keeps training on different issues connected to these matters as the research evolves rapidly.

Treatments Manuela is providing:

Full body lymphatic drainage    

Partial lymphatic drainage



Japanese Facial massage – KOBIDO

Deep tissue

Manuela is available for consultations on Thursday afternoon. She speaks English and French.