Sophie McGrath

Sophie McGrath


Sophie McGrath trained at the sophrology Academy in the UK, and she had the opportunity to learn from very experienced sophrologists.

She discovered sophrology for the first time when she was a young and highly stressed law student in Paris. She finally graduated, and I left sophrology for a little while, not yet aware of the incredible treasure it was and the place it would take in her life in the future…

Then she travelled the world a bit and explored many other self-development techniques. And it’s when she settled in London in 2008 that she went back to sophrology, and since then never stopped practising. Over the years, she was given the chance to learn sophrology with amazing sophrologists, and it really helped her in many aspects of her life.

Passionate and fascinated by sophrology, she finally decided it was time to train as a sophrologist herself, and help people to find their inner peace, reveal their own potential and find the resources to deal with all the challenges they may face.

Being able to create a positive mindset and knowing how to maintain an optimistic attitude in life is certainly one of the most valuable assets in today’s world!

Sophie is available for consultations on demand.