Nesryne Berkani


Nesryne is a French physiotherapist. She has many years of experience and is a
passionate professional specialised in Women’s Health, pregnancy, pelvic floor
rehabilitation, MSK and Sports physiotherapy.
Nesryne treats many patients for prenatal and postnatal conditions, which made her
gain many valuable skills and a broad knowledge in pelvic floor and abdominal
rehabilitations throughout the years. She also has a strong experience in sports
physiotherapy and used to work for professional sports teams (Basketball, Handball,
Futsal, Rugby).
Nesryne is also able to provide physiotherapy treatments for chronic lower back pain,
post surgery rehabilitation, chest physiotherapy in Paediatrics and adults, as well as
clinical Pilates.
Due to the variability of conditions and experience she acquired in the practices she
worked for, Nesryne likes to treat her patients in their globality and ensure them the
most complete recovery.
Nesryne speaks French, English and Spanish.

Nesryne puts her experience and knowledge at the service of Baby Physio, Mummy’s
Physio and London Home Visit Physiotherapy.

To book an appointment with Nesryne at Make Me Feel or if you have any questions call on 0207 125 0262


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“Nesryne is a wonderful therapist. In just a few sessions, I could already feel the great effects of pelvic floor rehabilitation.”

“I had a big abdominal separation from my last pregnancy, which was scary as I wasn’t aware that diastasis was even a thing! Nesryne was lovely and took time to answer any of my worries. She created a treatment plan and showed me exercises. It is getting better and better through every session I have with her. Will recommend her to my pregnant friends!