Sam Davies

Expert Facialist & Healer

Meet Sam Expert Facialist, Beauty and Holistic therapist, Quantum reiki healer, Organic skincare formulator, Nutritional therapist, Wellness coach and Creator of the Wholskinology®️ Facial method.

29 years in the Beauty and Holistic health industry, Sam is highly experienced. Passionate about ageing well rather than anti-aging, Sam uses a unique combination of holistic aesthetics and natural therapies to give you and your skin the healthy glow it deserves.

She specialises in emotional healing and has physic intuitive abilities which enhances the treatments as she knows what you need maybe before you even know.

Transform your skin with a Wholskinolgy®️ Facial a fusion of Science, Plant Power and Intuitive Touch. A hands on skin transforming combination of facial sculpting techniques that rejuvenate, detoxify and revive the skin, these include Sam Davies signature facial methods of facial reflexology, lymphatic drainage, sculpting/lifting and buccal massage methods.
Breath-work and Skin sounds complete this Transformative skin journey – A red carpet favourite!


Sam is available for appointments on:

The last Saturday of every month 10am to 5.30pm