Sam Davies

Quantum Reiki Healer

Sam is a highly experienced healer practicing since 2008 with years of teachings and guidance from 4 International reiki masters, holding a direct lineage to Dr Usui.
Sam has further developed Quantum Reiki Healing an advanced complete healing practice to heal physical body, spiritual body, outer epigenetics and aura field, bringing complete homeostasis to your mind, body & soul.

Reiki is a Hands-on Healing method which originated in Japan over 100 years ago by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is the healing life force energy of the Universe that heals the mind, body and soul for the greatest highest good.

Reiki can balance your chakras the energy centres of your body, clear blockages in your aura and energy field, bring calm and peace, release stress, tension and trauma.

Sam is available for appointments on:

The last Saturday of every month 10am to 5.30pm