Babies and Children Consultant

Personalized support and advice for your reassurance.

If you would like a guiding hand during these precious early days, feel free to contact us to have a free introductory meeting.

What our Babies & Children Consultant can help you with:

  • Consultation and Support Specifically with You in Mind

  • Advice About Neonatal and Baby Care

  • Neonatal and Baby Health Checks

  • An Indispensable Gift

You want to test one of the packages, you have a specific request or you feel the need to be
supported and reassured in this intense and delicate moment of maternity.
Available, reactive and dedicated Marie will put my expertise.


– Baby Massage

– Sling Babywearing

– Support at Home

I am convinced of the benefits of baby massage and sling babywearing from birth. Trained in using these techniques and having several years of practice in teaching these techniques, I invite you to share moments of relaxation and serenity with your baby.


– Preparing for Your Baby’s Birth

– Managing Fatigue

– Breastfeeding

– Pain Management

 Fatigue, discomfort and stress can all be experienced both during pregnancy and when you become a mother. This can take its toll creating uncertainty and undermining your confidence.

I will share my knowledge to support you and regain your confidence so that you feel comfortable and secure in caring for your baby.


– Parental Guidance

– Development and Care

 – Multiple Births

– Weight and Monitoring the Infant Growth Curve

My years of experience in neonatology have provided me with first-hand experience and insight into the specific needs of babies born preterm, as well as for those who are not yet reaching certain milestones for their age.

I will be able to guide you step by step in learning to observe and care for your baby at home.


 – Crying

– Sleeping

– Colic, Reflux and Other Daily Concerns

– Hygiene and Preventive Health Measures

 Discovering a new world can be overwhelming for your baby. Using simple and effective methods, I will explain some of the best ways to comfort your sensitive newborn so that he/she can stay cool, calm, and collected.


 – Finding My Place as a Dad

– Hands-on Caregiving

– Bonding with Your Baby

It’s not easy finding your place as a dad. Despite complete devotion to your new family, you can experience conflicting emotions such as loneliness or isolation in the shadow of the mother-baby relationship.

Together, we can talk openly about the new family dynamics and how you can unify your endeavours as partners in a united family.

Consultation: £50/h

Packages: ask for more details.

Our practitioners

Marie Juglaret

Babies & Children Consultant

Marie is available for appointments upon requests.