Haptonomy in London

What is Haptonomy?

Haptonomy is a holistic way to bond with a baby, to prepare childbirth and to enter into the journey to parenthood. It encourages the couple to live pregnancy and birth together.

Pregnancy can be fun, exciting and sometimes create new worries. How will our future be, what exactly happens in the womb, what is my partner feeling, how is our child developing and how can we help? These are some of the questions that future parents have to face, even if the new baby is a second or third child.

With the new pregnancy, your relationship and family life will change. Meanwhile, life continues along with other obligations. Practising Haptonomy during pregnancy offers parents-to-be the opportunity to reflect on the pregnancy and to make early contact with their baby.

Haptonomy is a childbirth preparation throughout pregnancy and birth based on the profound relationship between the three actors: baby, mother, father/partner. Its principal objective is to develop a sense of security and autonomy in each of these three partners by taking into consideration their specific needs. They will develop deep support in every step of the process (pregnancy, labour, delivery and after birth).

Haptonomy helps couples develop an interactive relationship with their baby already pregnancy. This practice prepares for a gentle and accompanied birth. Afterwards, it helps the baby develop autonomy and a deep sense of security.


Birth classes for both parents (60 minutes).

£80  (Saturday possible)

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