Amel Choucha


Amel is a French osteopath who studied osteopathy in France and England, where she
obtained her diploma. With a passionate approach to osteopathy, Amel sees many
patients from different ages and can treat adults with musculoskeletal pain, sports
injuries, work injuries as well as babies, children and pregnant women.
Amel offers effective treatments for acute pain but also likes to research about the
underlying causes of her patients conditions, in order to provide the most efficient
recovery and prevent from future issues. She treats a vast range of conditions from
babies with digestive problems (reflux, colic, constipation), torticollis or flat head, to
adults with musculoskeletal pain, sports or work injuries, and pregnant women with
back and neck pain, pelvic pain, or headaches.
Amel’s skills include osteopathy techniques such as structural techniques and
manipulations, craniosacral therapy, visceral techniques, myofascial & soft tissue
work, gentle joints mobilisation, with as well a post diploma training in dry needling.
Amel speaks English and French.
Amel puts her experience and knowledge at the service of Baby Physio, Mummy’s
Physio and London Home Visit Physiotherapy.

To book a osteo appointment with Amel at Make Me Feel
Pharmacy or if you have any questions, call 0207 125 0262



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“I used to have a bad back and tendonitis due to breastfeeding but thanks to Amel
from Excellence Physiotherapy, I was not only treated very quickly with efficient
methods, but she also helped me prevent from future similar issues by advising me on
how to carry my little one without affecting my body.”

“My baby was very unsettled at a time because of bad colic, which stopped him from
sleeping, eating correctly and lead to a great stress for him and myself. Amel made
wonders in re-harmonising my baby’s body and treat his tummy aches. She was very
calming and reassured me all along the way. I can’t thank her enough.”