Bérangère Carcano

 Berangere Carcano is a fully qualified Sophrologist and offers her knowledge and skills to people from a very young age. She can help you manage different types of problems like stress, anxiety, sleep disorder or burn-out. In addition, she can also assist you in personal self-development, during pregnancy & post birth, as well as preparing yourself for important events such as exams or competitions.

She will be happy to walk alongside you in building your own confidence and also provide various types of exercises and give you helpful advice.

Working in her career as a Teacher with young pupils from ages 1 to 6 years old, she noticed that even at a young age, we can show some anxiety or be stressed but also would need some help to self-develop in the best condition. This is something Sophrology can provide. The idea here is to give you some tools and make you able to use them to manage your emotions.

Berangere has been Director of Nursery in France for five years and moved to a teaching position for 16 years in London. She obtained a Masters in Education Science in 2011 and always wants to improve her skills through continuous learning. She studied Sophrology in the UK at the Sophroacademy.

Fluent in both languages, Berangere can help you in English or French, offer different types of sessions, either one to one, group, workshop or corporate events.

Sophrology is a famous well-known technique in France, and currently has a growing interest in the UK as people today see the need for having a healthy personal well-being. London is a busy, fast-paced environment so it is important to equip yourselves with the right tools to be the best version of yourself.

Bérangère is available for consultations on Wednesdays afternoon. She speaks English and French.