Bespoke Ren Facial (60min) £49.99

Adapted to customer’s skin type and seasonal need, this facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation,mask, treatment application, pressure points and lymph drainage.

The Ultimate Gold facial (60min) £75

The ultimate skin make over where every skin care need is met. LED colour rejuvenation has 3 settings depending on your concern:

  • Red light: eye sagging, dark circles, scaring, tightening, pigmentation and lack of collagen
  • Blue light: reduces the appearance of acne, shrinks blood vessels in very red skin, tightens pores and helps reduce sensitivity
  • Green light: calming, soothing or for a normal skin

Galvanic Facial (60min)£64.99

Use of electric currents to improves circulation, cleansing, radiance and hydration. As a result, are smoothed out wrinkles, the blood flow increased and facial muscles tightened.

High frequency facial (60min) £64.99

A high frequency facial bespoke to your needs.

Violet treatment: treats acne, open pores, oily congested and blackheads

Neon treatment: Anti-ageing, increases circulation, targets puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.