Sophrology sessions

Often we feel overwhelmed and exhausted just by some of the thoughts that go on in our head, let alone dealing with everyday life.

A lot of us find it hard to quiet the mind in order to feel calmer, sleep or meditate. Sophrology with its unique way of combining relaxation, breathing, body awareness exercises and visualisation is designed to help you easily calm your mind, ground yourself in the present and access a sense of wellbeing of mind and body. Also called dynamic relaxation, Sophrology’s simple techniques  allow you to cultivate positivity and build emotional resilience for a wide range of situations notably preparing for important events.

Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being. It consists of a series of easy-to-do physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. Halfway between Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it is very flexible and adapts to the person’s needs.

Sophrology uses a very practical set of tools: relaxation, breathing, visualisation and simple movements.

Sessions we offer:

  • Sophrology consultation (60 mins) – £105
  • Package of 5 sessions (£90/each) – £450

Our practitioners

Sophie McGrath

Sophie McGrath

She speaks English and French

She is recognised by most insurances. Check your policy.

Sophie is available for appointments on demand.