The Myth of the Detox

The Myth of the Detox

by The French Pharmacy January 16, 2021

The Myth of the Detox, Dr Marine Vincent answers your questions about the famous Detox. 

Here are some key, science-backed, facts.1. Can you actually detox?Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but being able to detoxify the body is a myth. You can’t force your organs to flush away excess and impurities more than they already do. The good news is you can get healthier by eating (or drinking) less and better, stop smoking, and exercise. 

2. Can you explain how your body naturally detox? Which organs are involved?Naturally, your body is a perfectly tuned system with organs able to remove the toxins and excrete them. The main detoxifying organs in the body are the liver and kidneys while the skin and even lungs play a minor role in excreting toxins. 

3. How can you support these organs?

The best way to help your body “detoxify” is to support the natural functions of those organs. A balanced diet, Mediterranean type (olive oil, Seafood and fish, Legumes (like lentils or chickpeas), nuts and seeds, greens, drinking 1 litre of water per day, stop smoking, drinking reasonably, and exercise are the best you can do for your body. 

4. Is perspiration a detox system for your skin?The main function of perspiration is to decrease body temperature. While it is true that you may find small amounts of metals in sweat, the liver and kidneys remove far more toxins than sweat glands. The belief that sweat can cleanse the body is also a myth. 

5. How can you support your skin further?The best way to support your skin to stay healthy and keep its properties of protection is to cleanse it !Use gentle cleansers which are respecting the acidic PH of the skin. Use double cleansing for your face. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells and unclog your skin. Moisturize and wear an adapted SPF. Another great way to help your body functions is to introduce to your routine body brushing. On top of exfoliating the superficial layer of the skin, it will increase circulation and blood flow, and stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system. A win win easy routine. 

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Your Guide to Good sleep

Dr Marine answers your questions on sleep

by The French Pharmacy March 19, 2021

How do you define ‘good sleep’?

A “good quality of sleep” is defined by a few criteria: 

 – falling asleep soon after getting into bed, within 30 minutes or less.- Sleeping straight through the night, waking up no more than once per night. – Sleeping the recommended amount of hours for your age group

Sleep deprivation is a serious matter and a growing issue within our modern lives and even more with the recent Covid situation. There are many consequences and can lead to physical effects (sleepiness, hypertension, reduced immune system functions), cognitive impairment (lack of performance, poor attention and motivation) and mental health issues (depression).

The good news is that sleep has been very well studied and understood and there is a lot of options available.

And how do you make good sleep happen?

There is no magic there and we are not all equal with sleep pattern. 

I believe that good sleep starts with good lifestyle. 

A balanced diet, regular exercise, relaxation, not going too late to bed, etc .. are the basic elements for a good quality of sleep.  

There is also a lot of natural help which have been well documented such has plants, magnesium and sophrology techniques.

What can you do if stress affects your sleep?

Stress is proven to affect sleep and sleep deprivation is also proven to be linked with increase of stress so it very important to stop this vicious circle. 

This year have seen a massive increase of sleep disturbances caused by stress related to the Covid situation and I have been solicited much more than usual for this issue.

 For sleep issues caused by recent stress, I recommend a combination of things:- Magnesium as both stress can be a result of hypomagnesemia (low level of magnesium in blood) and vice versa hypomagnesemia can lead to stress. – Herbal remedy such has Valerian or Passiflora have been proven to have a positive effect on reducing stress and help inducing sleep.- Some visualisation (such as Body Scan) or meditation techniques have been proven to be effective in sleep issues induced by stress 

What are the advantages/ inconvenient about sleeping pills?

What is called “sleeping pills” is generally the medicines category called “hypnotic” as they induce sleep.

They can be a great help for people who are sleep deprived and have tried a lot of others options. 

They are always prescribed by a doctor for a short period of time as they can cause addiction and they are not inducing a good quality sleep. 

 Thankfully they are not the only option and they have to be reserved to specific cases.

As a Dr in pharmacie, what would you recommend for sleeping issues?

First, I ask a few questions to understand where the problem. Is the issue falling asleep, is it interrupted sleep, is it a recent issue, did you travel recently, or are you under a lot of stress, what is your age? 

 Indeed, every sleep issue is different and should be addressed individually.

 For instance, if the sleep disturbance is caused by recent changes in your life (in the case of a new job, moving, etc), I would recommend scientifically proven herbal remedies such as Valerian or Passiflora combined with magnesium.

But if the problem is more related with falling asleep, I would probably suggest some  over the counter sleep aids. 

It is also important to remember that medication is not always the answer and it is important to change some habits such as no screens one hour before going to bed, practice regular exercise and meditation for example.

And what do you personally do for a good night sleep?

 I am lucky to be a good sleeper. However, like everyone I have periods of stress and I did experiment with a few things that work for me.

A warm bath with magnesium flakes and lavender essential oils is always of a good help for releasing tensions. 

Another technique I use if I wake up in the middle of the night with too many thoughts running in circles is body scan visualisation and deep breaths.  

Also I never miss reading at least few pages in my bed, I usually fall asleep very shortly after!

My recommendation: 

– Morphée :

– A. Vogel dormeasan :– Betteryou Sleep Magnesium lotion:– Ren : Now to sleep Pillow spray :– Westlab : sleep bath salts :

How Sophrology can help to go through September?

After having experienced a long period of confinement, a hasty return from vacation for some, and now the start of the school year, many of us may feel anxious, stressed, and even experience disturbed sleep (difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, along with difficulties in sleeping or falling back to sleep). If you want to learn how to overcome these difficulties or help someone around you, sophrology is the tool for you. It is for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and develop their well-being and relaxation. Specific sessions can be offered to young children and adolescents.
Sophrology encourages a person to work on their own values and to better know themselves. It is an effective tool for building confidence and hope. Through better knowledge of oneself, this discipline allows everyone to strengthen and improve on their daily lives by having a new perspective on their present and their future. It is also recommended for situations such as preparation for exams or sports competitions, preparation for birth, burnouts, ongoing support in cases of illness or assisted medical reproduction, and much more.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


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Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe

What you need :

  • 20 ml of 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol
  • 10 ml plain aloe vera gel
  • 8-10 drops essential oil (tea tree oil for example with additional antiseptic properties)
  • bowl
  • spatula
  • funnel
  • plastic bottle with pump or squirt top

et voilà !

Antiseptic and antiviral essential oils

Antiseptic and antiviral essential oils help fight viruses and bacteria and naturally complement traditional medicine. Depending on their properties and uses, some of these essences are considerable health allies.

Antiseptic essential oils

Whether used in diffusion or dermal, antiseptic essential oils are highly valued for their purifying and disinfecting effect. Bacteria do not resist their 100% natural virtues and their broad spectrum of antiseptic properties makes it possible to fight against all types of bacterial infections. Most essential oils are antiseptic, but some are richer in purifying active ingredients.

The 5 main antiseptic essential oils

• The most famous of the essential antiseptic oils is undoubtedly that of benzoin. Used for its healing and disinfectant properties, it is very effective by the skin, but also in massage for its respiratory benefits.

• For its part, bergamot essential oil is a powerful bactericide, which it is advisable to use by inhalation in the event of bacterial infection.

• Delicately scented, rosewood essential oil has a milder effect, especially on the skin, to relieve ENT or bronchopulmonary bacterial infections.

• White sandalwood is more specific, since its essential oil is recommended to relieve urinary and genital infections.

• Less known, the oil from black spruce needles is particularly purifying. In inhalation or diffusion, it is a real antibacterial barrier.

Antiviral essential oils

Certain essential oils are particularly recommended to fight against viruses. Their purifying and sanitizing power allows them to be used orally, topically or even in inhalation and by simple diffusion.

The 5 main antiviral essential oils:

• Powerful and delicate, coriander essential oil is ideal for fighting viruses that reach the ENT sphere or the urinary tract. Its applic

• Its application must be done by massage, diluted in a base of vegetable oil.

• Pretty purple flower, the hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis var. Montana) gives an essential oil whose properties are suitable for the treatment of influenza, bronchitis and various ENT conditions. It can be used in olfaction or by massage via a vegetable fatty substance.

• The essential oil of marjoram with shells, more commonly called marjoram of the Orient, is reputed to fight against viruses that affect the ENT sphere, and also viral or skin infections, such as shingles, chickenpox or psoriasis . Antifungal, it also helps to fight fungal infections. In skin application, it is used pure or diluted in a fatty vegetable base.

• Small and large winter viruses cannot resist the power of ravintsara essential oil, a plant native to Madagascar. In olfaction, diffusion or application, it relieves ENT disorders and viral skin infections.

• Finally, tea tree essential oil is much talked about for its many properties, including a powerful anti-infective power. It is particularly used by the cutaneous way to fight against the disorders of the skin.

Why is my tummy not back to normal after birth: what you need to know about diastasis recti

Diastasis recti is defined by the separation of your abdominal muscles, which happens after pregnancy. It’s a common condition that affects 2/3 of pregnant women, and easily preventable or treatable with pelvic physiotherapy.

How do I know if I have a diastasis recti?

During pregnancy, the muscles of your tummy have to move aside and stretch in order to make room for your baby to grow. These muscles sometimes don’t come back to their original place after birth, or not enough which results in your tummy sticking out. Seeing that belly bulge staying around even after you’ve lost your baby weight can be the sign of diastasis recti. A pelvic specialised physiotherapist will be able to diagnose abdominal separation via a physical examination.

Is diastasis recti serious?

Having your abdominal muscles not back to their place and your tummy sticking out can seem worrying, but it’s actually a common condition in pregnant women and can be resolved in a few sessions with a physio. The fact that the muscles of the abdominal haven’t entirely come back together isn’t necessarily the real problem. What is more important is the connective tissue underneath this gap. With the movement of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy and the appearance of a gap in the tummy, the pelvic organs, bowel and uterus end up with only a thin band of connective tissue holding them in place.

Connective tissues are really important in supporting the back, the pelvis, rib cage and abdominal organs. Restoring and keeping this integrity is what matters the most before working on getting your tummy muscles back in together and your belly flat.

How can I treat diastasis recti?

A women’s health physiotherapist will be your best ally to check your abdominal separation and provide you with advices and exercises to regain that integrity in your connective tissue. A few sessions of postnatal physiotherapy will help reinforce the support of your abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles and organs, assuring a quick recovery and preventing from further consequences that can happen with the lack of pelvic support (incontinence, back pain, constipation, prolapse…).

More information:

Mummy’s Physio is a team of physiotherapists and osteopaths with years of experiences and qualifications. Passionate and highly trained, they will be able to provide you the best treatments and rehabilitation in London, at the practices or at home.

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