How Sophrology can help to go through September?

After having experienced a long period of confinement, a hasty return from vacation for some, and now the start of the school year, many of us may feel anxious, stressed, and even experience disturbed sleep (difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, along with difficulties in sleeping or falling back to sleep). If you want to learn how to overcome these difficulties or help someone around you, sophrology is the tool for you. It is for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and develop their well-being and relaxation. Specific sessions can be offered to young children and adolescents.
Sophrology encourages a person to work on their own values and to better know themselves. It is an effective tool for building confidence and hope. Through better knowledge of oneself, this discipline allows everyone to strengthen and improve on their daily lives by having a new perspective on their present and their future. It is also recommended for situations such as preparation for exams or sports competitions, preparation for birth, burnouts, ongoing support in cases of illness or assisted medical reproduction, and much more.
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