Antiseptic and antiviral essential oils

Antiseptic and antiviral essential oils help fight viruses and bacteria and naturally complement traditional medicine. Depending on their properties and uses, some of these essences are considerable health allies.

Antiseptic essential oils

Whether used in diffusion or dermal, antiseptic essential oils are highly valued for their purifying and disinfecting effect. Bacteria do not resist their 100% natural virtues and their broad spectrum of antiseptic properties makes it possible to fight against all types of bacterial infections. Most essential oils are antiseptic, but some are richer in purifying active ingredients.

The 5 main antiseptic essential oils

• The most famous of the essential antiseptic oils is undoubtedly that of benzoin. Used for its healing and disinfectant properties, it is very effective by the skin, but also in massage for its respiratory benefits.

• For its part, bergamot essential oil is a powerful bactericide, which it is advisable to use by inhalation in the event of bacterial infection.

• Delicately scented, rosewood essential oil has a milder effect, especially on the skin, to relieve ENT or bronchopulmonary bacterial infections.

• White sandalwood is more specific, since its essential oil is recommended to relieve urinary and genital infections.

• Less known, the oil from black spruce needles is particularly purifying. In inhalation or diffusion, it is a real antibacterial barrier.

Antiviral essential oils

Certain essential oils are particularly recommended to fight against viruses. Their purifying and sanitizing power allows them to be used orally, topically or even in inhalation and by simple diffusion.

The 5 main antiviral essential oils:

• Powerful and delicate, coriander essential oil is ideal for fighting viruses that reach the ENT sphere or the urinary tract. Its applic

• Its application must be done by massage, diluted in a base of vegetable oil.

• Pretty purple flower, the hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis var. Montana) gives an essential oil whose properties are suitable for the treatment of influenza, bronchitis and various ENT conditions. It can be used in olfaction or by massage via a vegetable fatty substance.

• The essential oil of marjoram with shells, more commonly called marjoram of the Orient, is reputed to fight against viruses that affect the ENT sphere, and also viral or skin infections, such as shingles, chickenpox or psoriasis . Antifungal, it also helps to fight fungal infections. In skin application, it is used pure or diluted in a fatty vegetable base.

• Small and large winter viruses cannot resist the power of ravintsara essential oil, a plant native to Madagascar. In olfaction, diffusion or application, it relieves ENT disorders and viral skin infections.

• Finally, tea tree essential oil is much talked about for its many properties, including a powerful anti-infective power. It is particularly used by the cutaneous way to fight against the disorders of the skin.