Massages, reflexology, craniosacral therapy

Massage is a way to relax body and mind, reflexology helps the body to regain internal balance, craniosacral therapy can assist with letting go of past issues, emotional and physical; in combination and boosted by reiki, our treatments can assist you on your healing journey.

‘Craniosacral therapy is a technique of listening to the body: the practitioner ‘tunes in’ to the craniosacral motion, which emanates from the brain and spinal cord, the act of ‘listening’ to it through their hands and ‘following’ it as it expresses itself, enables it to rebalance, thereby causing healing to occur on many levels. Emma sometimes uses it at the beginning or end of a treatment as an aid to relaxation. ‘

Sessions we offer:

  • Therapeutic massage, reflexology, & craniosacral balancing combo (90 mins) Emma Tubmen – £90
  • Therapeutic massage (60 mins) – £60
  • Therapeutic massage (90 mins) – £85
  • Deep Tissue massage (60 mins) – £60
  • Deep Tissue massage (90 mins) – 85
  • Sports massage (60 mins) – £60
  • Sports massage (90 mins) – £85
  • Pregnancy massage  (60 mins) – £60
  • Reflexology (50 mins) – £60

Our practitioners

Emma Tubmen

Massage Therapist
She speaks English and French

Emma gives consultations on Friday 12 pm till 3 pm and on Saturdays 

Claudia Torres

Massage therapist
She speaks English and Spanish

Claudia is available for appointments on Saturdays and upon request