Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Every mother should have a pleasant pregnancy by avoiding the physical inconvenience related to it and that the consequences of giving birth should be minimized as much as possible. Pelvic floor rehabilitation focuses on all issues related to Gynaecology. So even if you didn’t have a child, are recovering from gynaecological surgery, experiencing incontinence due to your age or that you have pelvic floor concerns (pelvic floor pain, prolapse, lack of sexual sensation), pelvic floor rehabilitation can help improve your health, fitness and well being.

Therefore we determined the main symptoms and consequences that pregnancy can bring and designed a specific treatment in order to relieve them. We treat pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal weakness, back pain, pelvic girdle pain and circulatory problems.

Sessions we offer:

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation (60 mins) – £75
pelvic floor rehabilitation