father day
Father’s Day is coming!

Make your Father’s Day special!

If you’re already on the hunt for Father’s Day ideas why not stop at “Make me Feel”?

Father’s Day is around the corner, and because Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Sure, you could get him another tie or some golf balls, but what about something he would never buy or do for himself?

So, this Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of putting his best face forward or enjoy a relaxing time for himself.


Relieve the stress out! Massage therapy.

Make me feel provide consultation with healthcare specialists including massage or reflexology. Massage is a way to relax body and mind while reflexology helps the body to regain internal balance.

Your Dad look tired, often angry, stress…

Why not book him a massage with one of our consultant so he can enjoy a relaxing time for himself and relieve all his stress out!


Father’s Day Skincare Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad….

Although many men do care about skincare, they rarely purchase it for themselves.

Here are special skincare ranges that are perfect for every different type of Dad:


Bulldog: Man’s Best Friend

For the outdoor dad

Always up for adventure, doing anything that involves a healthy dose of fresh air and who need to protect their skin from the elements with a specific range packed with natural ingredients.


  • Award winning skincare for men.
  • Packed with amazing natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Designed specifically for men, with non-greasy formula
  • Free from parabens, SLS, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • No Animal testing or ingredients. Certified “Cruelty Free”. Suitable for vegans. Vegetarian Society approved.
  • Made in the UK.

All BULL DOG skincare products are purpose built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients.


Kiss the moon

For the stressed-out dad

A glamour AROMATHERAPY brand to enjoy a beautiful night.

What could be more perfect present than the promise of a beautiful night’s sleep!

Need to unwind and de-stress at the end of a busy day, then “Kiss the Moon bath regimen” are proven to be best in class.

Just pick up your perfect match whether it’s After Dark bath oil or bedtime bath infusion and choose which regimen match best your mood between the four sleep-inducing aromatherapy blend: LOVEGLOW, CALM or DREAM!

Just Relax and enjoy!

After Dark bath oil
Bedtime bath infusion


Why not enhance the effect and add the finishing touch with the matching candle and the pillow mist.

Extend the experience, naturally scent your bedroom.

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017


Mood brightening blend

Perfect for restoring skin’s glow before summer.

Litsea : Calm the mind and spirit

Myrr : Heal and Repair

Geranium : Balance the skins natural oil levels

Orange: Lift the spirit and encourage a healthy circulation





Will lull you to sleep and support your body’s night time cell renewal.

Rose: Supports the skin’s natural processes to help it stay looking and feeling beautiful.

Frankincense : Help our minds wind down, find peace and to restore the spirit.

Palmarosa Heal and calm.

Ylang Ylan : Relax and rebalance





Ease away the pressure of the day and rebalance stressed out skin

Jasmine: Relaxing

Chamomile: Calm the senses and soothe dry or irritated skin

Ylang Ylang : Relax and rebalance

Sandalwood : Balance skin’s natural oil production





Gentlest way to drift smoothly off to sleep and soothe your skin overnight. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Lavender: Relax muscles and bring calm to over-active minds

Bergamot: Lifts the mood and brightens the spirit  

Cedarwood: Calm anxiety & soothe aches & pains

Chamomile: Calm the senses and soothe dry or irritated skin



Esthederm or Filorga

For the dad who borrows your mom’s face products when he thinks nobody’s looking

Buy him his specific skincare regimen containing highly concentrated hyaluronic acid to smooth away these wrinkles and fine lines and bring back a radiant and rehydrated skin.