Have Your Healthiest, Happiest Holidays!

Jetting off to sunnier climes?

From jet lag, to travel sickness and fatigue, we have a natural fix for all those health niggles, that can take the fun out of any holiday journey, whatever way you travel.



It takeS days to recover from planning the holidays. It’s so draining. (Bach or Bush flowers remedies and essences are great for reviving and calming all the emotions).



Trains, boats or planes –whatever turns your tum, a simple remedy can help. A lot of travel sickness pills contain ginger, simply add 5ml ginger tincture to a bottle of water and sip when you need.



Doing some exercise will keep circulation on the move.

Squeeze your buttocks,

Breathe in and tone,

Breathe out and release, alternating sides.

Then start to include the thighs, then the calves, then release.

Finish by rotating the ankles.



Flying puts the body through trauma. Fortunately there’s an easy remedy that deals with long –haul time zones.

Go homeopathic …take two arnica and cocculus pills before the flight and two more every four hours on the plane, and then another two after the flight.

These help the body cope with jet lag.



For some, airline food is a easy trigger for an upset tummy. Others find it difficult to adjust to the local cuisine of the country or region they’re visiting. A good travel probiotic is a great remedy for this and will re-balance your gut so you can enjoy all the local delicacies!



Some get away with never been bitten or stung, but many don’t.

Send off the bitters. Takin vitamin B complex or B1 from solgar 1 or 2 weeks before will help!

Put fragrance on you .. you like it! They don’t!

You can mix 100ml of mineral water into a spray bottle, add 10 drops rose geranium, 4 drops of lavender, 1 drop of ylang-ylang and 5 drops of mandarin, then spray regularly.

Put few drops of citronella in your sun cream. They don’t like the smell!

To soothe the irritation of an insect bite, simply dab a little neat lavender essential oil.

To soothe the ouch of the wasp sting, dip a cotton bug into neat basil essential oil and swab over the bump.



Over done it? You need some quick action…Aloe and lavender come to the rescue!

Aloe creates a protective layer over the skin, keep it moist and promote healing, add some rose or lavender essential oils for a super soothing trio.

A soak in a cool bath will help relieve the sunburn skin. Add a few drops of lavender to avoid the sting.

After bathing and having patted yourself dry, use a generous aloe vera all over.

For the face, you can enhance the benefit of aloe by spritzing some facial mist. This will help with moisture loss.

Fill the washbasin with water and add 10 drops of lavender oil, stir, plunge a t-shirt, wring out the water and wear it – the t-shirt will absorb the heat and the lavender will help the healing process.



Prickly heat are a sort of itchy bumps that appear when sweat glands become blocked due to an overdose of the sun.

Hop in the bath to which you have added a handful of bicarbonate of soda mixed with 3 or 4 drops of lavender oil and relax for 20 minutes, make some very strong chamomile tea, leave cool and wipe generously over your skin

Or you can buy some cooling spray!



Beat the sun safety mistake!

Apply pre-exposure 20-30 minutes before going outside and again when you are in the sun, so your skin can absorb it properly.

Reapply regularly, every few hours to maintain the right level of protection, especially after a dip!

Do not miss bits! Do not overlook back of the neck, cleavage, ears, nose and feet.

Protect your head and scalp, wear a hat!

Check your cream – if your sun cream has been open for long or if out of date, it won’t offer the right level of protection.

Protect your eyes, wear a hat for the shade or wear good sun glasses


You can also protect your skin from the inside out…

Lycopene found in tomatoes, can help protect your skin, reduce redness and inflammation after being expose to UV light, protecting against immediate and long term sun damage

Worried you are not making enough vitamin D? Eat a diet rich in food such oily fishlike salmon, eggs or Vit D spray which deliver the vital vitamin under your tongue, straight into the blood stream are also effective.


Your skin in the sun solution

Remember, it’s not a moisturiser you need as the last step in your morning routine – it’s a sunscreen – it’s the most important anti-ageing step to your skincare, today and every day, yet many of us still don’t think of it unless the sun’s out. So, make “daylight protection” an everyday all year around regime.


Make your holiday stress free

Switch off money worries, find fun for free, look for activities that enhance your life without breaking the bank. You could do something as simple as taking a walk, listening to music, or getting your creativity flowing.