New at Make Me Feel

We are highly concerned at Make Me Feel about getting the best Brands and ingredients for our skin but when it comes to babies’ skin we are triple concerned about stocking the right products!

That is why we are proud to propose from this month three new brands that stand out for their quality, results and safety to use:

1. Bioskin Junior Active Therapy from Salcura

Bioskin Junior Active Therapy is a range of products ideal for those prone to eczema, psoriasis and severely dry skin. Designated for use by children and babies aged 3months and over, and by anyone with very sensitive or delicate skin. Bioskin Junior products are different to traditional steroids and emollients. Bioskin Junior relies on only naturally active ingredients that help the skin help itself.

Discover the Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray, Outbreak Rescue Cream and Bath Milk at Make Me Feel from February!




2. Organic babies from Green People

Organic babies products are pure and natural baby products gentle on delicate skin, eczema friendly and free from harsh chemicals.

Organic Babies Shampoo, Conditioner, Soothing Baby Salve and Oil, Dry Skin Baby Lotion,… now available to discover at Make Me Feel.


3. Pommade Divine

You may have seen this super hero balm in Liberty London or Le bon Marché in Paris.

We are delighted that Make Me Feel has also become an official stockist of this multi-awarded miracle balm!

Uniquely formulated using 97% natural ingredients, Pommade Divine is a multi-purpose skincare remedy that helps to quickly repair and deeply nourish dry, damaged skin.

Benefits and uses:

  • Fast, soothing relief for minor skincare injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts and scrapes and insect bites
  • Soothes and protects sores and inflamed skin. Can be used even on young children and babies.
  • A deeply moisturising protectant for dry, itchy skin, cuticle care, rough heels, and chapped lips & hands
  • Can help to relieve long-standing skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Helps reduce the likelihood of scarring
  • Contains natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients

Pommade Divine Original contains no mineral oils, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, no parabens and no silicones.