Excellence Physiotherapy & Osteopathy is Now Consulting at Make Me Feel

Great news, Excellence Physiotherapy & osteopathy is now seeing patients at the treatment room of Make Me Feel Parapharmacie in Clapham.

Excellence Physiotherapy and osteopathy is a London based physiotherapy and osteopathy practice offering treatments for the whole family.

We treat babies and children. Our paediatric osteopath and physiotherapist in Clapham have years of experience in treating new born and babies and we have gained the trust of many parents throughout the years. If you are a new parent, it can be difficult to find support and answers regarding your child’s health or condition as NHS waiting times are famously very long. We can treat your baby or child at our new room at Make Me Feel Parapharmacie for bronchiolitis, feet deformation, torticollis or any delays.

We also specialize in women’s health physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Our specialists offer ante&postnatal treatments as well as care during pregnancy. We offer pelvic floor rehabilitation to treat any postnatal issues such as incontinence, prolapse or diastasis.  You can also get back in shape with our one to one postnatal Pilates classes.

We care that women get the necessary support they need.

And for mens health, general physiotherapy and osteopathy, any chronic back pain, sport injuries or post surgery care, our physiotherapists and osteopath in clapham have an excellent track record with our rehabilitation programs.

We work closely with several reputed surgeons, neurologists and general practitioners and have built a strong result orientated reputation since our practice was founded 10 years ago.

For more information about our services, visit www.excellencephysiotherapy.com

We now offer treatments at Make Me feel Parapharmacie

You can contact us on 02071250262 to make an appointment at our clinic at Make Me Feel Parapharmacie, Clapham.