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Anti Ageing Aromatherapy

The best Anti-ageing aromatherapy oils

The definition of anti-ageing is to delay, stop or retard the ageing process. Our bodies are made of cells, and ageing occurs when there is cell death.

An essential oils contains more than 100 components and has many properties. Concerning anti-ageing, we need to focus on essential oils that are healing, astringent, regenerating and antiwrinkle.

Dealing with antiaging means using a very good base oil or cream. One of the most effective anti-aging base oil is Rose hip oil. This oil is regenerating the tissues, it reducing scars and skin discoloration and it is a very good anti-wrinkle oil (not to use on acne or oily skin).

Of course a very healthy lifestyle is beneficial for antiaging.

With holistic aromatherapy, the choice of essential oil is not only to fight against one issue (aging in this topic) but to work on a whole healing body process. For example you can have help with depression, boost your immune system or use an essential oil which will give you energy. Using a synergy of 3 oils is always very beneficial.

Along many essential oils, these 2 oils are very powerful with antiaging:

Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var roseae): it has anti-inflammatory, astringent tonic effect. It is a cellular regenerative wound healing oil. Excess of free radicals stresses the cell membranes of the skin and as a result, the collagen can start to being damaged. That would lead to wrinkles. This essential oil is a powerful antioxidant and can protect the cells from free radicals.

Cistus (Cistus ladaniferus): It is cicatrizing oil. It helps mature skins and it is regenerating for slow healing infected areas. It also has the potential to arrest bleeding. Wrinkles happen when the hormones activities slow down. Less oestrogen secretion causes less collagen and elastin production. This essential oil promotes the collagen production. As an oestrogen-like, it mimics the activity of this hormone. It then reduces the wrinkles formation. This oil needs to be used with other oils to reduce her strong smell.

We can also mention Carrot seed essential oil for reducing age spots.

Create your own aromatherapy anti-ageing cream:

* 15 ml Rose-hip (or neutral cream)

* Rose Geranium essential oil, 7 drops

* Cistus essential oil, 1 drop

* Rose essential oil, 1 drop

* Vitamin E oil (Wheat germ oil for example), 1 drop

* Apply few drops with your palms on washed face morning and evening.


Marie Lardy, Aromatherapist.

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