Somatoline Cosmetic
New at Make Me Feel: Somatoline and Oenobiol

We are pleased to let you know that we have received products from two French brands that are very popular thanks to their effectiveness and quality.

The brand Somatoline Cosmetic proposes you a range of slimming treatments and of anti-cellulite care whose the aim is to answer to the specific needs of each silhouette. Somatoline Cosmetic gives continuous attention to scientific innovation, guided by a constant updating and a search of the active ingredients the more innovating. The product Somatoline Cosmetic distinguish by their efficacy. These are submissive to rigorous clinical tests, led by independent laboratories, and recognised the international scientific community.

One of their iconic product is the Somatoline 7 Nights Intensive Slimming Treatment. This formula, highly concentrated in specific active ingredients offers a triple slimming action (lipolytic, draining and anti-storage) for slimming effectiveness.

The brand Oenobiol answers to the beauty needs of women at every step of their lives, through a range of food supplements. The concept of Oenobiol: the beauty that comes from the inside! A brand at the forefront of innovation, which offers the best of the science and the nutrition with performing solutions of vegetal origin and nutritional advice.

Let’s introduce the star product of this beginning of May: Oenobiol Self-Tanner Capsules: is a self-tanner food supplement with turmeric extract, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, lutein to offer you a golden even and luminous hale without sun.