Recipe of the month: Chestnut Flour Crêpes to celebrate La Chandeleur

Recipe of the month: Chestnut Flour Crêpes to celebrate La Chandeleur

February 2nd, we celebrate La Chandeleur, another French tradition of French Food! We eat Crêpes (= thin pancakes) but this year,  we have fun revisiting the basic recipe for pancake batter twisting wheat flour with chestnut flours more tasty and digestible.

Very widespread in the Corsican gastronomy, chestnut flour is used for the realization of the famous canistrelli. It has a pronounced and sweet taste, and is naturally gluten free. How to use chestnut flour in its pancake batter? It is used alone for pancakes with a distinctive flavor or cut with rice flour or cornstarch to reduce its intensity. 

List of ingredients:

250 g Chestnut Floor (or cut with Rice flour)

4 eggs

450 ml slightly warm milk

2 tbsp. amber rum 

1 C. vanilla extract or 1 packet of vanilla sugar

2 tbsp. tablespoons sugar

1 pinch of salt

50 g melted butter


Melt the butter in the microwave and heat the milk slightly warm (it avoids lumps)

Mix the sifted flour, sugar, salt in a large bowl.

You can replace 50 g of flour with rice flour for more lightness

Add the eggs, the melted butter, then gradually the milk, beating with a whisk well to avoid the formation of lumps

Add rum, vanilla and let stand for 30 minutes before cooking. Heat a knob of butter in the pan and arrange a ladle of dough

Cook your pancakes on each side, whether they are golden brown

As you go, set aside on a plate and cover with a sheet of aluminium foil to keep warm and soft