Amanae to fight Stress

Have you paid attention to what happens to the body when it feels stressed?

The body mobilizes its resources to deal with the stressor at hand: the body is stimulated to produce stress hormones that trigger a “freeze, fight or flight” response and activate the immune system to be able to respond quickly to a challenging or dangerous situation. It’s the body natural response and it can be appropriate, a good reaction that propels us forward: when running a marathon or studying for a final exam we can benefit from more oxygen and nutrients delivered to our extremities or brain for a short period of time.

The problem is when stress becomes too much. As human beings we have an “anticipatory stress response” that can easily spin out of control: a thought can activate the same stress response an animal can get running for its life through the African savanna. When this response is activated too often or for long periods of time (as it happens with trauma) we can get sick: we can be in a permanent state of “freeze, fight or flight” as the stress hormones would be supplied continuously.

Stress can be chronic and can impact on both physical and mental health. We can experience stress with emotional changes like sudden short temper, becoming withdrawn, indecisive or inflexible, experiencing sleep difficulties, being too irritable or tearful. We can also experience headaches, nausea or indigestion, have palpitations or suffer from various aches and pains. We will quickly return to normal without any negative effects if what is stressing you is short-lived, and many people are able to deal with a certain level of stress without any lasting adverse effects.

Massage therapy has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body allowing the body to enter a recovery mode. Massage assists physical & emotional relaxation improving mood and reducing stress levels. Regular massage can support energy levels, reduce pain and stimulate physical and emotional wellbeing.

Amanae Emotional Release Bodywork is really effective therapy to release longtime chronic stress due to trauma or difficult feelings/situations. Abuse, fear, anxiety, grief, depression, PSTD, guilt, shame, can be the cause of stress and many illnesses.

Shake off all that is not needed anymore!