Essentiel Oil of The Month: Rosemary

Essentiel Oil of The Month: Rosemary

(Rosmarinus officinalis)

Tonic, this oil is used in case of fatigue, overwork, lack of concentration and is also famous for winter episodes. It also has revitalizing, purifying and balancing virtues.

A shrub typical of the Mediterranean rim, rosemary is very popular as an herb in cooking, to flavor stews, grilled meats, sauces or even desserts. This aromatic plant is also widely renowned in herbal medicine for its multiple properties, especially as choleretic, decontracturant, and expectorant, and very popular in perfumery, especially in male compositions. Rosemary has a legendary reputation as a cure for all ailments and beauty care. It is the main ingredient of the “Water of the Queen of Hungary”, rosemary alcoholate that, in the fourteenth century, miraculously restored health and youth to Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, then in her seventies. Water from Hungary, enriched with other notes, including bergamot and lavender, was a very famous perfume until the seventeenth century and would have been the favorite perfume of Mme de Sévigné and Mme de Maintenon at the court of Louis XIV where he was known for his revitalizing effects. In aromatherapy, there are several chemotypes of the essential oil of rosemary, because the plant develops a different chemical composition according to the place and the conditions of culture. Each chemotype has its properties and specificities of use.


Respiratory comfort: essential oils of Ravintsara, mentholated Eucalyptus, Niaouli Nervous and Physical Fatigue: Ravintsara, Peppermint

How to use:

Fatigue: Mixed in your oil preparation. Apply a few drops of your mixture on the inner sides of the wrists and the solar plexus and breathe deeply.

Lack of concentration, fatigue: in atmospheric diffusion, mixed with other essential oils (lemon, grapefruit …)