Homeopathy can be really efficient for aches and pains so before you reach out for a painkiller you might want to try these remedies first. Take the following remedies every 2 hours until the symptoms subside but if the pain becomes severe you should seek help from your doctor or A&E.

HEADACHES:  Natrum Mur is the main headache remedy and is especially good when the headache comes with eye strain brought on by too much screen time. Headaches are often caused by dehydration so drinking a large glass of water may help.

PERIOD PAINS:  Mag Phos is great for menstrual cramps and spasms. 4-6 tablets of Mag Phos in a bottle of water sipped regularly throughout the day is a good way to take this remedy. A hot water bottle, hot drinks, and hot bath with Epsom salts can also help.

JOINT PAIN:  Rhus Tox can help with any joint stiffness or pains you are experiencing, especially if the pains are eased by moving.

ABSCESS:  take Belladonna at the start when the abscess is red, burning and swollen. You can then follow by taking Hepar Sulph to help the abscess come to a head and break.

MUSCLE SPRAIN:  Arnica will help with the physical trauma as well as the shock. You can take it in pill form and also topically in cream, gel or oil.

EARACHE:  Chamomilla is a great remedy for an earache but do see a doctor or homeopath if you suspect an ear infection. This remedy can also help calm a teething baby (with or without earache).

TOOTHACHE:  Hypericum is our main remedy for shooting nerve pain so ideal for a toothache. Additionally ou can take it in prevention, before a visit to the dentist, in case of drilling or tooth extraction, etc.

From Caroline Harper, Homeopath.

Caroline gives consultations at Make Me Feel on Thursdays.