Discover Therapy with Helen

I’m delighted to launch my psychotherapy practice at the wonderful Make Me Feel French Parapharmacie.

In simple terms, I aim to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental space
where you can be 100% yourself and feel completely safe and at ease. My therapeutic approach (based on core process psychotherapy) is ‘integrative’, in that it draws from many different disciplines and influences, and has a core foundation in mindfulness. Through this, anything you wish can be explored, whether that’s relationship issues, anxiety or depression,
the effects of traumatic experience, or stress and overwhelm. Or maybe you would just appreciate someone to talk to who really listens and supports you. Through my experience, I have been amazed time and time again at the profound healing and transformational effects of psychotherapy and feel privileged to be able to offer a space to others in which this can be facilitated.
About me
My background is in the corporate world, having practised law in the City of London now for 7 years. It was through witnessing (and living in!) this high stress and high pressure environment which led me to realise the importance of investing in our wellbeing. I realised I wanted to do something meaningful to help myself and others in maintaining a sustainable, peaceful and productive lifestyle, which ultimately enables us to reach our full potential. For me, therapy is all about empowering ourselves. Pushing our problems and anxieties away only increases their hold over us. Learning to surrender and let go of that which no longer serves us allows us to move on in our lives, and to have the courage and space within ourselves to be more creative and innovative, which is what is generally required for us to achieve our highest goals. 
I’m interested in helping you develop insights into the parts of yourself you show the world, and also to better understand and know the parts you don’t. In my experience, we keep so much of ourselves hidden for fear of judgement and rejection. It is the kind and gentle integration of these parts which I believe brings about real inner healing.
Please do get in touch for more information or to book a session.
Happy February!
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