Paediatric Physiotherapy

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physiotherapy for baby orthopaedics, neuro physiotherapy and
chest physio for babies and children, cranial osteopath for
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Baby Physio is London’s leading paediatric physiotherapy practice, with a team of French
and international physios and osteos specialised in baby paediatric treatments for orthopaedics, baby neurology, baby digestive and baby chest physiotherapy ( Bronchiolitis )

Physio for babies, paediatric physiotherapy treatments in London,
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Our paediatric physiotherapist and cranial osteopath have gone through many rigorous trainings in order to specialise in the latest techniques of paediatric treatments. Due to their extensive knowledge and specialisation, they cover a very large range of paediatric conditions from birth to teenage age, and have experience in the treatment of complex paediatric disorders.

What can our paediatric physiotherapists and osteopath treat in our Baby Physio Clapham practice?

  • Baby torticollis treatment in Clapham
  • Baby flat head treatment in Clapham
  • Baby feet physio in Clapham
  • Baby chest physiotherapy in Clapham
  • Baby developmental delay physio in Clapham
  • Baby neuro disorders physio in Clapham
  • Baby check-up in Clapham
  • Baby cerebral palsy physio in Clapham
  • Baby digestive issues (constipation, colic, reflux) in Clapham
  • Baby hypotonia physio in Clapham
  • Baby massage in Clapham
  • Baby cranial osteopathy in Clapham
  • Baby hip dysplasia treatment in Clapham
  • Baby brachial plexus injury rehabilitation in Clapham
  • Baby sleeping disorder treatment in Clapham
  • Baby breastfeeding and latching issues treatment in Clapham
  • Baby osteo rebalancing after birth in Clapham

We also offer physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments for mothers and adults with our women’s health specialists, sports and MSK physios and osteopath.

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