Finding the solution to headlice


Who didn’t get into a panic when finding out that their kids got nits? With never-ending treatments and hours of combing coming straight to mind… With no certainty on the efficiency of the process, regardless of the level of care and number of hours you would dedicate to this painful exercise… Not mentioning that having kids infested most often means that you would likely be infested too!

Moreover, a lice infestation can turn into a very difficult burden for a child to carry, as well as for parents actually! And more even so with kids growing-up with a fear of having their friends mocking them.

Lice can also mean days of school that can be missed with lice-free school policies… Did you know that in the UK, 1.78 million children are missing a staggering 2.7 million days a year from school as parents choose to keep them at home? Meanwhile, parents are taking 2.78 million days off work to tackle head lice infestations.

A third of school children under 16 (4.06 millions) have experienced on average 3.6 head lice infestations over the last year. This rises to 48% for children of primary school age (4 to 11).

But why is it so difficult to get rid of those nasty blood-sucking little bugs? Because they spread really easily, by head to head contact. And also because these “super lice” have developed resistance to pesticides contained in anti-lice solutions  (which in any case did not address the issue satisfactorily, considering the negative impact those chemicals have on our children’s health). And most of those products can have an impact on lice but not nits. So 7 to 10 days later, eggs have hatched and the infernal circle is back…

Thankfully, with Lice Clinics of the UK, lice infestation can now be solved through a one-off non-toxic treatment.

So let your children (and you?!) be lice-free with the revolutionary AirAllé® device, the only FDA*-cleared medical device clinically shown to kill head lice AND eggs. Used by professionals around the world, it provides kids (aged 4+) a safe, fast and highly effective treatment, killing lice and eggs through dehydration (with a combination of temperature, airflow, time & technique). This is the one alternative to treating head lice with pesticides.

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