Marine’s product of the month

Phytokératine Extrème mask

After few weeks of sun, wind and sea baths my hair was so dry that I couldn’t do anything with them, it would look unhealthy anyway … So I decided to treat it well and try to make it more manageable.

One day, a hairdresser explained to me how to properly use a hair mask so let me share this great tips with you :

First : wash your hair twice : one time to remove the dirt, the second time to make the active ingredients work.

Rinse : a lot !

Then dry with a warm (if possible) towel as much as you can and apply a small quantity of the mask only on length then cover for 5/10 minutes with the towel. why not enjoying a little body scrub or face mask in the mean time 😉

Rinse out et voilà !

If your hair is very dry, I would recommend twice a week otherwise once a week will be enough.

After only one application, my damage hair appears to be softer and shiner.

After two weeks, I can say that I find my hair back.

What I also like is that is a silicone, sulfates and phtalates free.


On the same topic, if you are like me and losing your hair like the fallen leaves in September, I also strongly recommend PHYTOPHANERE capsules from the same brand. I have tried many brands through the years, but always came back to those to help with this seasonal hair fall. The bonus is that my nails are also benefit from the formula.