Marine’s autumn essentials

Autumn is here! For me, even though it means beautiful walks in the park with orange and red trees, it also means the beginning of exhaustion (shown by your summer tan going away) and 2 long months before the next holidays… I have always found that October was the hardest change of seasons: the one that takes the most its toll on your body and mind. This is why we all need a little boost. Here are my favourites :


Potion London: The beauty formula for hair, skin and nails

The Beauty Formula is a blend of 19 nutrients which specifically target hair, skin and nails – feeding them from the inside to help make them look healthy and youthful on the outside.


Institut Esthederm: Intensive Hyaluronic

The fountain of youth!

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in the skin and it is the skin’s water reserve. Intensif Hyaluronic® Serum is made from a patented complex of three different forms of hyaluronic acid that penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis in order to redensify tissue by filling it with water.


Laboratoires Filorga: detox body treatment

Filorga Detox Body Treatment with nourishing and draining properties is a 4 actions global care that improves the skin quality of the body and provides it a new youthfulness. It stimulates the enzymes of detoxification, boost micro-circulation, has anti-ageing action with the hyaluronic and glycolic acid.

And if this wasn’t enough it is incredibly light and a delight to apply!


Ren: flash rinse 1 minute facial

A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin.

Formulated with potent water-activated Vitamin C it will neutralize urban grey in a flash, leaving skin looking firm, toned and smoothed, while reducing the signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and skin imperfections. Skin instantly glows with renewed health and radiance.

This is perfect if you don’t have much time and in need of a boost. Done every three days, you will see the change within less than two weeks!


Ciate nail varnish

Just because …

And if you need some more advice don’t forget to come and ask us, after all it is what we do best 🙂