Alex’s Product of the month

My main concern were all the little spots I had on my cheeks and no matter what I have tried, they wouldn’t go.

Until I had skin analysis with Nicolle, Caudalie’s expert.

After checking my hydration level, pigmentation, depth of wrinkles and pollution level, the sentence came out:

I was completely dehydrated and covered in pollution particles (typical London issue …)

She explained the dead skin cells was sitting on the surface of my skin due to the dehydration and that what the reason why the pollution particles were stuck between those dead cells.

She then recommended to me the hydrating mask from Caudalie and OMG after just the first application my skin was plumped as she never has been recently!

I keep it as a weekly routine along with my other favourite mask the glycolic ren mask and I think it is the perfect combination: the first one (glycolic) remove the dead cells and give me a boost of radiance when the second one (hydrating) nourish and replump my skin.

Such a great discover !


Who is Alex ?

Marine’s assistant and friend. (She is also a true actress!)

They work hand to hand and coffee after coffee to help Make Me Feel progress further.