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In 1957 French stylist René Furterer opened the first hair spa in Paris. At the time many of his clients were struggling with over-bleached and damaged hair in the pursuit of the Marilyn Monroe style; aiming to overcome this problem René used his passion for plants and essential oils to create a solution. Armed with the knowledge that hair could only be repaired by focusing on the roots of a healthy scalp, a line of effective products were created all made with natural ingredients to treat both the hair and scalp. Since its creation the René Furterer brand has become a worldwide specialist in phyto-cosmetology. The brand incorporates pharmaceutical expertise along with carefully selected plants and pure essential oils into every product. The result is innovative and effective products for every hair and scalp type.

René Furterer created a method he called Etheirology, an original philosophy built around a healthy scalp and beautiful hair (etheirology, from the Greek etheira, hair, and etheiro, to treat). He began practicing this approach in his first Hair Spa in Paris by developing a three-phase “Prepare, Cleanse, and Treat” method, which offers a custom treatment ritual based on techniques carefully selected according to a sophisticated preliminary diagnosis.

After this initial phase, Furterer continued to push the boundaries: he was the first to create plant-based hair care products offering the luxury of being both ultra-effective and highly appealing to the senses. He selected rare and precious essential oils and transformed these quintessences of plants into an ultimate nectar, enhancing their therapeutic powers. Each essential oil was chosen to offer a specific sensory experience based on its virtues.

Primarily processed at the Gaillac site in France, these plant-based key ingredients are transformed into ultra-effective formulas obtained through unique expertise that respects the environment (ISO 14001 certification).

The René Furterer brand seeks to transfigure and enhance nature, but always in a principled and responsible manner, with the certified “Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” approach. All the brand’s innovations therefore respect, protect, and preserve the plant world.



With a passion for beauty and an artistic talent that was evident from an early age, Natalie knew she was destined for a career that would encompass both. Her interest led her to pursue a career in Cosmetic Permanent Makeup, where she would be able to demonstrate her artistic precision and help people to feel more happy and confident at the same time.

The ultimate perfectionist, Natalie would only be happy learning from the best. She completed her training with the renowned Tracie Giles Team in London before setting up her own business; one that prides itself in the ethos of ensuring absolute comfort, ease and understanding. Natalie appreciates the importance of a thorough consultation. She genuinely wants to satisfy each of her clients’ requirements and appreciates that no two individuals are the same. Natalie welcomes questions and ensuring that her clients are totally happy before any treatment is undertaken is her top priority.

Her unique style is very much focused on creating a natural look. She uses colour pigments and adapts her technique to suit each client based on their skin tone, facial features, face shape and her individual client needs.

Whether you are looking to enhance the way your brows, eyes or lips look, or you simply want to wake up looking naturally beautiful, Natalie can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact her to find out more about any of the treatments she offers, or to book in for a free consultation.