Face Up to the Festive Season Feeling Fit and Healthy by Dr Longmore

Every year we all feel under pressure to deliver a dream Christmas. yet it’s often the time when your body throws in the towel and you simply can’t conjure up any festive spirit. Face up to the festive season feeling fit and healthy with our festive health plan to deal with the most common reasons why you may not feel like decking the halls with a smile on your face.


1. Start helping your liver deal with the up and coming boozy nights by taking a herbal liver cleansing Make me feel offer different products to support your liver.

2. Try a mini detox to boost your energy and give your whole system a break. Make a big pot of vegetable soup with seasonal organic vegetables and eat just this along with lots of water and fresh vegetable juices for one to three days. It will help you both prepare for the over indulgence to come and recover afterwards if you forget to do it in advance.

3. Prioritise your obligations to your friends, family and work to minimise over commitments that are already making you feel nervous and too busy to look after yourself.

4. Cut out wheat and dairy from your diet to reduce bloating, water retention and skin problems and help get you looking great and help you lose those extra kilos before the festivities. Try Oatly oat drink, instead of milk and rye bread instead of your standard loaf.

5. Stay well hydrated drinking at least two litres of water a day. This will also boost your energy help prevent weight gain and prevent hangovers to come.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast – try a smoothie with fresh fruit, ground almonds, oil and flaxseed yoghurt.

7. Stick with your exercise routine, even if you’re feeling mega busy. Remember anything is better than nothing even if it is a brisk short walk or getting out the skipping rope for a few minutes.

8. Before going out for a night out, settle your stomach with peppermint or fresh ginger tea – just grate 1 cm of fresh ginger and cover with boiling water.

9. Just breathe – take some deep breaths to reduce stress and tension and promote physical and mental relaxation. Yoga and meditation can help give you an inner calm: invaluable around crazy Christmas time.

10. Take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement for energy and immunity and a probiotic for digestive balance.