winter products
COURONNE D’HIVER : Marine’s Winter Selection

On those cold months, we need to protect our first defence : our skin.

This is a selection of my favourite products for keeping hydrated and boost the immune system.

Hands and lips are very often the ones which are suffering the most during the season, having tried and recommended a lot of products through the years, I think Cicaplast Hand Cream from La Roche Posay does miracle on damaged hands.

Saying that I will also select Gallinée hand cream for its efficacity combined to an amazing light texture and scent. And I wanted to mention REN kelp and magnesium hand balm, which has been a must-have stocking filler this year.

For the lips, I personnally think that the creams are more efficient than lip sticks and that is why I love REN vita minerals lip balm and AVENE cold cream balm.

Now, don’t you think that winter season and feeling sooo cold is the best excuse ever to jump into a lovely warm, full of essential oils and bubbles bath? I do !

Here is my selection for this me-time : REN Morrocan Rose oil, heaven (and very hydrating) and also Kiss the Moon bath oil for the essential oils promoting a good sleep. My tip is to pour a cupful of Magnesium salt as well for a complete relexation and to enjoy a hydrating mask in the mean time (CAUDALIE Hydrating mask is the best).

Finally, during this period our organism is fighting a lot against viruses and nasty bacterias so it is essential to boost your immune system: zinc, vitamins D and C for one side and Echinacea and Black Elderberry for the phytotherapy side.

Easy and efficient for the whole family.