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What I wish I knew before becoming a parent for the first time…

How do you sift through all of the information that is thrown at you when you first utter those words ‘I’m going to be parent’? Whether it be provided by your Doctor or Midwife, the advice of well-intended friends or family or in endless online articles. Despite having almost “too much” information, most new parents enter this phase of their lives hugely overwhelmed. Loosing themselves along the way.

Having been there myself I know what it feels like to be exhausted, overwhelmed by the birth of your new baby. Whilst there is lots of focus on your baby after the birth, often mum and dad are lost in the process. This is why Nurture Your Time was created. An event that focuses purely on the health and well-being of the parents, so that you can stay true to who you are.

Imagine if you could come into a relaxed and warm setting for an evening and have a panel of experts on hand, to not only share their knowledge and expertise but to answer your questions.

Whether you are becoming a parent for the first time, or thinking about it, or you already are a parent (your baby can come free!) and you would simply like to find your pre-baby identity again. We are on hand to help and support you through this transition.

Having created the Pure Pregnancy Network group, I have been able to bring together a panel of affordable experts that can provide holistic advice that is not only educational but practical. If there was one thing I wished all of my “soon-to-be” parents could know, it is, just how much incredible help is right here on your doorstep, and I can introduce them to you, then you decide whether to meet them one to one.

Click here and meet four holistic practitioners specialising in osteopathy, nutrition, mindfulness and physiotherapy

So please join us on Thursday, 8th February 2018, for what will be a fun and interactive evening with our panel of experts, plus yummy food and a gorgeous goody bag.

Warm wishes

Julie Morris, Doula and Breastfeeding advisor

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