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Galette des rois or King’s Cake

This recipe isn’t the lightest or most Detox oriented one but it is very easy to make and delicious. It is also one of the most favourite culinary French tradition and I wanted to share it.

This dessert is only served once a year for 6 January (Epiphany) to honor the Kings who traveled thousands of miles to welcome the little Jesus in Bethlehem!

We hide a little figurine (Lucky Charm or La fève) in the almond cream. The one who find it will become the King or Queen for the day and will wear the paper crown. Usually the youngest child at the table decides for who is the next slice.

No need to say that it is a true beloved tradition in every French family !

– 75g of Sugar
– 50g of Butter
– 1 egg
– 1 yolk
– 100g of Ground almond
– 2 rolls of puff pastry

For the frangipane

Whip the sugar and the butter at room temperature until the mix whitens. Add one whole egg while keeping whipping, then the ground almond and then the other egg. Mix well.

For the puff pastry

Cook or buy the equivalent of 2 rolls of puff pastry. Spread each puff pastry in the shape of a plate. On one of the puff pastry, pour the Frangipane in the middle (don’t forget La Fève) and spread it on the pastry while avoiding the sides. Put the other pastry on top and roll the sides towards the inside to seal the galette. Then take a brush and spread some yolk on the whole cake to give it a golden color. Let the whole cake rest for 45 minutes. Spread again some yolk. With a knife, draw horizontal and vertical lines on the dough and put in an oven for 25 minutes at 200°C. Serve warm.