Marine’s essentials for a perfect SKI week

A Lip balm with SPF


On top of a good lip protector and moisturizer for your dry lips due to cold and wind, I strongly suggest you use a 50 SPF protection as the UVs are one of the main factor for activating the virus of cold Sore !


A barrier hand cream

No need to explain that hands are in high need of nutrition and protection during a snow vacation.

A great barrier one will prevent cracks and help repairing damages.

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A Strong Photoprotector

Due to the reverberation of the sun on the snow, you must wear a 50 + SPF sun protector. I am sure we all know someone with a not that hilarious red face burn.

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A Stick to carry

No space, no bag, hey no excuses! You just need pockets to protect your skin.

This one is absolutely brilliant to carry on everywhere for little ones and even grown up !

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Good soothing and moisturising cream for thirsty skin

In the evening, after a great day spent outside, I suggest to use a serum to hydrated the skin which is most of the time completely dehydrated. A serum will help your night cream to work even better. And of course always after a good cleansing !

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Miracle Magnesium spray for a faster recovery after skiing

Stiff muscles? a classic isn’t it ?

On top of drinking as much as you can (water hey!) , use a magnesium oil : a life changer, guarantee !

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And a Mask for a pampering afternoon

And to finish, my personal recommendation for a bit of pampering :

Perfect to drop in your toiletries bag and get at least a 15 mins of me Time.

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