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Hay fever and Aromatherapy

Allergies, which affect you during the spring and summer months, are commonly referred to as seasonal. The seasonal rhinitis is most often due to allergy to grass and/or tree pollens.

These pollens are airborne and are present throughout the spring/summer months. In UK, tree pollens are in the environment as early as January and grass pollen is present from May.

The pollens from trees, grass or weeds can cause the immune system to produce antibodies and release a natural substance called histamine that is present in all cells throughout the body. Unfortunately, histamine irritates all the upper respiratory passages such as the nose, sinus, throat and eyes (conjunctivitis), making them swell and produce most of the typical hay fever symptoms.

Among different essential oils, tarragon (artemisia dracunculus) is a very interesting one for treating allergy. This oil helps the body to react more smoothly during the allergy. It helps the immunity to slowdown. Emotionally, it calms and relaxes the nerves. On the other hand, it sustains the liver during the allergy. Tarragon has some similar properties to anti-histamine medicine, with no side effect. It could be an option to use it in prevention internally in sublingual. You would then need to seek for a professional aromatherapist. Or if you prefer, you can use it diluted with a base oil (black cumin oil would be the best), applied on the wrists regularly.

In addition, you can add some very calming oils (from chamomile family).

The blue chamomile which contains chamazulene has anti-inflammatory property (also interesting after insect bites). Roman chamomile has a more proactive effect on calming the nerves.

You can also use hydrosol, (floral water), extremely interesting with children and babies, as well as for cleansing the nose and washing the face.

Essential oils can help with your allergy, and they are extremely effective in addition with Chinese medicine and a holistic approach including nutrition aspect.

Eyes soothing blend recipe:

We are talking about Hydrosol and not essential oil in this recipe

– Choose 3 hydrosols between: Rose Water, Chamomile water, Lavender water, Geranium water and Cornflower water.

– 25 ml of coconut oil (reheat if solid)

– 15 ml of Aloe Vera gel (optional)

– Cotton

Prepare a blend of the 3 hydrosols (300 ml altogether) with the coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Soak all the cotton pads together in this Lotion. Cover in the jar.

You can now wipe your face and eyes to sooth the itchiness causes by the allergy and get rid of possible allergens. You can relieve your conjunctivitis by applying gently the cotton on the eyelids.

Can be stored about 2 months.


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