Partner Pregnancy Massage: Special offer

Sharing Pregnancy & Birth


A relaxed mum has a relaxed baby, which is a great reason to have regular massages during pregnancy and post-natally.


The positive effects of massage can be greater when given by a partner due to the emotional connection that already exists and which can deepen during massages.  Some simple massage strokes given by a partner can allow both parties to relax, connect and communicate with the baby. A partner can be anyone who has a strong connection with the mum-to-be and especially includes birthing partners.


During the massage, women experience several benefits:

  • a decrease in the level of stress hormones
  • deeper and longer sleep patterns
  • reduced soreness and pain in muscles and joints
  • decreased anxiety and less postpartum depression
  • more positive outlook on labour


The benefits extend to partners providing massage.  Partners feel empowered by providing physical comfort and emotional support.  Familial bonds and self-confidence in parenting skills can also increase.


We have a Special Offer during November 2018 to have a Partner Pregnancy Massage for £80.00 | 90 min session (usually £90.00)


To book, contact reception on 020 8675 1207 or

*Partners include anyone who offers support through pregnancy and labour*