7h Cooked Easter Lamb

7h Cooked Easter Lamb

Le Gigot de 7 heures (7 hours cooked lamb): Seven hours! Really ?

The idea is that the leg of 7 hours cooked long … and slowly.   For those who would not dare to engage in such cooking, do not panic, we can organize …   Some put the leg of 7 hours to cook for lunch, others leave it at night to take it out of the oven the next day.  Anyway, in the end, the leg of 7 hours will be tender. Tender to the point of being eaten by the spoon … Well, almost!

Ingredients: (For 10 people)

-1 leg of lamb of 2.5 kg

– 250 g of rind

– 200 g carrots

– 300 g of onion

– 500 g peeled tomatoes,

– seeded 1 bouquet garni (thyme, bay leaf, parsley, clove)

– 30 cl of beef broth

– 10 cl of olive oil

– 10 cl of cognac

– 50 cl of white wine

– Pepper & Salt

Step 1 Season the leg with salt and pepper and sauté in hot oil.

2nd step Line the bottom of a casserole (fat on the outside) with rinds. Add the leg of lamb, surround carrots, onions and tomatoes. Add remaining ingredients, salt and pepper.

Step 3 Cook for 7 hours in the oven at 120 ° C. Monitor the cooking and add water if necessary.

Step 4 Rectify the seasoning and serve with the spoon in the casserole (the special feature of this leg is to be melting to the point that it can be cut with a spoon).